Whether you like animation or not, there’s a good chance you have already heard of the Death Note. And if you are an avid fan of animation, this falls into the top three! Otaku, if you can. No, this is not the Hebrew language! Otaku is the Japanese term for people who love animation! Not too old to learn something new, is it? Back to topic, will “Death Note Season 2” be available soon? Well keep reading to find out more!

For those who haven’t seen it, “Death Note” is a Japanese manga series that debuted in 2007! But then, it looked as if the original creators completely forgot about it! Fans have had to wait over a decade! But it wasn’t as if the sequel hadn’t come out. There have been several spin-offs, including one from Netflix as well. However, most fans agree that they made quite a mess in the original story!

Release date: “Death Note Season Two”

As far as the first season was concerned, it had a very satisfying finale. Its 37 episodes include covering all bases from the original manga. Therefore, there is not much to explore regarding the true narrative. So, Madhouse returns with a new season is highly unlikely.

However, we have some good news for you! An entirely new story for “Death Note” is due to be published in Japanese magazine Jump SQ somewhere in 2020. So, if you want Season 2 desperately, you might want to mail them a copy of the magazine. Well, you never know!

The Cast: “Death Note Season 2”

If you don’t already know it, the main character in the story is Light Yagami. Characters include Detective L Lawliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Nate River, and Teru Mikami.

Although these characters were a regular during the entire season, the movie did include some new characters! Characters like Ryotoro Sakajo, Sanami, and Shiori Akino were not mentioned in the original manga.

Plot: “Death Note Season 2”

Well, as we discussed before, Season 1 was a final in and of itself. In the season finale, the protagonist lost Light Yagami to arch-rival Ryuk. Even though it looks like he’s dying after that, given the show’s rich history of twists and turns, you never know! Even if the light returns, how? Considering that his name was written in the diary of Ryuk’s death note!

Another aspect that could be added to the story is the introduction of the new Shinigamis, just to keep things cute and fun! Aside from Ryuk, Minoru Tanaka might also be returning as a competitor to Light Yagami, considering how bitter the last time they met.

However, all of these are just speculation, and unless Madhouse magically decides to revive this classic anime, there is nothing we can do! However, there were some rumors that Netflix might release something soon. But given how messy they made the last time, we wouldn’t be the ones to refer it to you!

Storyline: “Death Note Season 2”

But I’m sure some of you might be thinking about all the hype around anime that came out more than a decade ago. Well, we’ll give you some pointers next!

Death Note is the tale of Light Yagami, a high school student who accidentally obtains an Eternal Death Note diary. So what is this exactly? It is a magic diary that kills anyone who writes its name on it. Imagine such a deadly weapon in the hands of a school kid! As expected, the dark powers he now possess are blinded and go on a killing spree. Soon after, however, the police begin to notice these mysterious deaths, and Detective L begins investigating them. And boy, does he run Yagami on his money!

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