Here are some tips which might help:

Processing timeframes

The processing timeframe for each withdrawal option is indicated in the ‘Withdraw’ section of your Skrill account, just below the payment option description. Weekends and holidays are excluded.

If your withdrawal is taking – longer than usual, you should first check with your bank – give them your Skrill transaction ID and they should be able to trace the payment. If they can’t locate it and the processing timeframe has passed, do contact us. Remember – we won’t be able to do anything if the processing timeframe hasn’t passed.

Expecting a return?

Your bank might not be able to credit the payment – for example, if there’s a mismatch in your names, you’ve withdrawn to another person’s bank account or you’ve entered incorrect bank account details. In such cases, we’ll credit the amount back to your Skrill wallet as soon as we receive it from your bank. We will notify you via email once the withdrawal is credited back to your balance – we can’t give an estimated timeframe, as this depends entirely on your bank.

Processing currencies and fees:

  • We’ll always inform you in advance about the currency in which we’ll process your withdrawal and the fees Skrill will charge for it, including for FX.
  • For withdrawals in a currency other than your account currency, we’ll add a 3.99% fee to the FX rate.
  • For withdrawals processed as international bank wire transfers, your bank or the involved intermediaries may charge additional fees which are beyond our control.
  • For withdrawals processed in a currency other than your bank account/card currency, your bank will perform the currency conversion and may charge additional conversion fees which are beyond our control.

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