Facebook users paid to delete accounts before November: report

Facebook users paying to delete accounts before November: report

Facebook is pushing some users to deactivate their accounts up to six weeks before the 2020 presidential election, according to photos from Washington Post reporter Elizabeth Duskin.

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The effort is part of a new research project announced by Facebook in a blog post on August 31 to “better understand the influence of Facebook and Instagram on key political attitudes and behaviors during the 2020 US elections.”

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“We’d love to know how much you have to pay to deactivate your Instagram account … in late September for either [one] week or [six] weeks,” the Instagram notice to users reads in the screenshot of Dwoskin’s post to Twitter. “To participate, you must be prepared to deactivate your account for both periods of time and not use Instagram during that period.”

The screenshot shows survey answer options that include $ 10 per week, $ 15 per week, and $ 20 per week.

The notice adds that respondents who choose to deactivate their accounts for one to six weeks “will have the opportunity to take a poll after the election [3 November] and will be paid for doing so.” Users will be required to complete a survey before reactivating their account.

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Facebook did not immediately respond to a query from Fox Business requesting confirmation of effort.

It is likely that the purpose of the initiative and the subsequent survey is an attempt by the tech giant to determine how Facebook activity might influence voters’ decisions. As cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos noted in a response to Dwoskin, participants can act as a “control group for researchers”.

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The social media giant – who was severely criticized after the 2016 presidential election for not taking adequate immediate action against Facebook pages and groups run by foreign “troll farms” trying to undermine US policy – said in an August 31 blog post that research is part of its effort to protect The election.

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“As a company, we looked seriously at what went wrong with the Russian intervention in 2016 and made some big changes. There are now three times as many people working on safety and security issues, more than 35,000 in total, and we work closely with government and law enforcement,” it states. Blog post.

She adds that Facebook expects between 200,000 and 400,000 people to participate in her study via Facebook and Instagram, “which could include things like participating in surveys or agreeing to see a different product experience.”

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