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Mkito | Download Music Audio Mp3

Mkito | Download Music Audio Mp3 Platform

Who Are They ?

Mkito is an online music distribution platform to consumers, artists, and advertisers. Anyone can download free, ad-supported music and / or purchase music at low costs through online mobile payment options.

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Artists can sell and promote their music for free while receiving a 60% discount on all revenue from music sales and downloads.

Advertisers can promote their products and services either through audio ads attached to songs that are downloaded for free, or through banner ads on an actual site.


To be a global distributor of East African music.


To use the latest technology to advance the distribution of East African music worldwide with the support of ads on a free account as well as the sale of music at low cost.

To create a transparent platform that enables artists to distribute their music and get a fair share of the revenue generated by sales of their artworks via Mkito.

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