best movies to watch of all time

best movies to watch of all time

“The Matrix” (1999)

This series spawning success is a gloriously creative stew of future science fiction dystopian, “gun fu” style from Hong Kong, end of the century paranoia and amazing special effects. His great pieces of action have been imitated until death, but rarely with the visceral energy and the vertiginous enthusiasm that the Wachowski brought, two independent filmmakers who received the tools and the budget of a great studio film and had a lot of fun. Our critic called him “a furious tornado of special effects.” (If you like your action movies influenced by video games a little more fun, try “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”).


‘Moonlight’ (2016)

Winner of the 2017 Academy Award for best film, this triptych about the coming of age of a young African-American African American in Miami is a quietly revealing work that explores and challenges modern perceptions of masculinity, family, power and love. Director Barry Jenkins (adapting a work by Tarell Alvin McCraney) creates a world so dense in detail and rich in humanity that each character has the opportunity to shine; The themes and ideas are all above the board, but they are transmitted with subtlety and discretion. Our critic described it as “a poem written in light, music and vivid human faces.”


‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (1981)

Much of this 1981 Steven Spielberg adventure has entered the realm of pop culture immortality: the rolling rock, the melted Nazi face, the truck chase, which is easy to forget how agile, cool and fun it is. Referring to the Saturday afternoon series that excited them as children, director Spielberg and producer George Lucas put together a complete series of heroes, villains, cliffhangers and punches in a single feature that pleases the crowd. Our critic called it “one of the most deliriously funny, witty and elegant American adventure movies ever made.” (For more information on Dr. Jones, see “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Perdition”; for more Harrison Ford of the 80s, queue up “Blade Runner”)

‘Zodiac’ (2007)

The innovative film by director David Fincher was the serial killer thriller “Seven”, but he had no intention of repeating himself with this 2007 mystery. Because the real-life zodiac killer was never stopped or tried for his crime, Fincher He dodged the great reward of most true crime stories, and created a film that focuses on the type of obsession needed to follow that trail, year after year, without a satisfactory conclusion. Our critic called it “both extensive and well built, opaque and meticulously detailed.” (“Zodiac” star Jake Gyllenhaal also impresses on “End of Watch.”)

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