best netflix series 2020

Big Mouth

Nick Kroll’s crazy, geek and puerile drawing about puberty is one of the funniest shows on Netflix right now. Everything is very sick and very bad, but the writing is sharp, the plots become increasingly surreal and the cast of voices is murderous: Kroll, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph as a Harmonic Monster, Jason Mantzoukas, even David Thewlis as The Shame Wizard in the second season

Sex education


The second season of this obscene program for teenagers is the highlight on Netflix in 2020 so far. Although it has a clearly American glow, with athletes, Acapella groups and bad girls, Sex Education takes place in the United Kingdom and is filmed in Wales. Asa Butterfield plays an awkward teenage girl who starts giving sexual advice for money, and Gillian Anderson plays her mother in her typical elegant style. While the headline theme is used as a source of comedy, Sex Education also explores issues related to intimacy and identity in an intelligent way that will dredge your emotions.


Hiba Judeh / Netflix
A man who looks like a modern and aesthetically pleasing version of Jesus appears out of nowhere and proclaims himself the savior of the world. Are you telling the truth or are you an extremist in disguise? This controversial ten-part drama, starring Michelle Monaghan as the cynical CIA agent Eva Geller and an exceptional Mehdi Dehbi as the aspiring prophet Al-Masih, will catch you right from the start. We travel from Syria to the USA. UU. As Al-Masih gains more devoted followers and the CIA struggles to determine, in the style of the Fatherland, if they should try to stop him.



Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix
In an Ice Princess-Meet-Skins series, an figure skater tries to compete again after a fall that left her with a head injury. Although the world of ice skating can look perfect and pristine, there is a dark tension underneath with mothers knocking down abuse from the side and young skaters risking permanent injuries by continuing to skate on damaged hips. Kaya Scodelario plays Kat, who has to learn to skate with a partner if she wants to go back to the ice, and January Jones plays her bipolar mother. There is even a cheeky cameo by Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye.

The Witcher


Netflix / Katalin Vermes
Netflix Original The Witcher is, by objective critical standards, not particularly good. But as escapist enjoyment binge-eating, it is an absolute triumph. Based on a Polish fantasy literature franchise that gained worldwide popularity after its successful video game adaptation, the series follows Geralt of Rivia (played by Henry Cavill), whose occupation as a mutant “sorcerer” sees him kill monsters for money. However, our husky gravelly hero is caught in a larger plot, as his destiny is intertwined with an orphan princess fleeing and a powerful sorceress who tests the limits of his abilities.

With its restricted dialogue, monster violence and disorganized timeline, the series sometimes feels more like a combination of video game scenes than a coherent dramatic narrative, but it works. The true success of The Witcher is to recognize that viewers do not necessarily want their ridiculous fantasy shows to be too exaggerated or pretentious, and they are mainly here to see some great magical effects and the sexy Geralt in the bathroom (surprisingly, no one, there is also a lot of free female nudity).



Nick Sax is a detective turned into a hitman who delights in his completely dysfunctional life. Then, after suffering a heart attack during a stroke, he wakes up and discovers that he is now accompanied by Happy, a little blue flying unicorn. He is the imaginary friend of his abducted daughter, Hailey, and believes that Nick is the hero who will come to rescue her.

What follows is a lot of serious violence and disturbing scenes, which is probably unpleasant for some viewers. That said, the story, adapted from a short series of comics with the same name, is a fun and twisted version of serious criminal dramas, with a dark sense of humor that remains even when all the blood has been cleaned.

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