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how to make money from book sales

While the publishing industry used to be very printed, these days you can complete the entire process of writing, publishing and marketing a book online. Websites such as Create Space will allow you to upload and take your book to print without involving a formal editor, and you can even get your book on so that people can buy it there.

A blogger I know called Joseph Hogue has a successful blog (My Work from Home Money) and a thriving book publishing business. Hogue has written several books that he has published online to create a continuous source of passive income. He says he averages around 685 books sold per month to generate an average of $ 1,857 in revenue. Not bad, huh?

If you think you could write a book that people would like to buy, this is a smart strategy to consider since the initial costs may be minimal and, anyway, you probably already have a computer and word processing software.

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