Structure of the Flower

·         A typical flower is made up of the following parts;-

§  Peduncle –the flower stalk

§  Receptacle –bears the floral organs

§  Forms the hypanthium if elongated below the calyx

§  If below the ovary it is the gynophore or stalk of the ovary

§  Calyx –made up of sepals (to protect young flower bud)

§  Polysepalous if sepals are separate

§  Gamosepalous if sepals are fused

§  Corolla –made up of petals (often colourful)

§  Polypetalous if petals are separate

§  Gamopetalous if petals are fused

§  Perianth –formed from sepals and petals together

§  Stamen –male reproductive structures of the flower

§  Made up of anther and filaments (produce pollen grains)

§  Monadelphous if stamens are fused

§  Diadelphous if stamens are separate

§  Pollen –Grains containing the male gametes

§  Pistil–female part of the flower

§  Made up of stigma, style and ovary

§  Carpel –A unit of compound pistil or ovary

§  Ovule–bears the female gametes, located in the ovaries

§  Gynoecium –one or more pistils (carpel, ovary, ovules, female gametes)

§  Androecium –one or two whorls of stamens (filament, anther, pollen grains, male gametes)

Pink Petaled Flowers

Trees and Evans (15th Edition) Pharmacognosy, W. B. Saunders
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