Internal Structures of the Monocot Stem

·         Internal structure of monocotyledonous stem consists of:

§  Epidermis,

§  Hypodermis,

§  Ground tissue and

§  Vascular bundles

  •      Epidermis
§  It is the outermost layer of the stem made up of single layer of parenchymatous cells and covered with a thick cuticle in some plants

§  Consists of few stomata

·         Hypodermis

§  Is made of few layer of sclerenchymatous cells lying below the epidermis

§  This layer gives mechanical strength to the plant 

·         Ground Tissue

§  Consists of cells inner to the hypodermis

§  Is not distinguished into zones like the dicot stem

§  The cells contain reserve food material e.g. starch

§  Contains the vascular bundles

§  Carry out gaseous exchange function

·         Vascular Bundles

§  Vascular bundles are scattered in the ground tissue

§  The vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral, endarch and closed

§  Vascular bundles are skull shaped

§  Xylem

§  Forms the woody part of the plant

§  Carries water and minerals up the plant

§  Dead at functional maturity

§  Phloem

§  Consists of sieve tubes and companion cells

§  Phloem parenchyma and phloem fibres are absent

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