Brief History of Pharmacognosy

·         The history of Pharmacognosy is synonymous with the history of medicine which originates in the health-related activities of the most primitive race of the remote past

·         Description of history of pharmacognosy is (therefore) embedded in the history of natural products in medicine

·         They acquired knowledge of medicinal properties of plants in the following ways

§  By guesswork or trial and error while searching food.

§  By superficial resemblance between plant parts and affected organs.

§  By accidental discovery.

·         The history of pharmacognosy can be divided into;

§  The Ancient Egyptian Period

§  The Babylonians

§  Old Indian medicine

§  The old Chinese medicine

§  The Greek and Romans

§  The Arabic Era

§  The 18th Century Pharmacognosists

§  The 19th Century Pharmacognosy

The 20th Century Pharmacognosy

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