10 Online Jobs in Cameroon | Work From Home in Cameroon

10 Online Jobs in Cameroon | Work From Home in Cameroon

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Online Jobs In Cameroon

Nowadays, online jobs in Cameroon have increased over the years. Students, graduates, and even part-time or full-time employees can work from home and gain extra income while maintaining their jobs.

When I review the job opportunities brought by the web or internet today, I wish I knew all these ideas while in school. Nonetheless, despite these countless opportunities, Cameroonians do not take advantage of them.\

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Many university graduates or students move from place to place, looking for easy and cheap ways to make money online.

Nobody wants to learn and acquire skills that will help him or her make millions online. This laziness has resulted in the loss of a huge sum of money from people who have joined online scams such as Bitworld and Chymall.
Some Cameroonians also settle for poorly paying jobs such as hotel jobs in Douala, Cleaning jobs in Yaounde, etc.

Many resources have been written on this site to guide Cameroonian students and job seekers on making money online and starting a blog. However, it is a shame that people hardly go through such articles right till the end. These people will pop up with senseless questions on a private chat. This attitude shows how impatient Cameronians seeking jobs online in Cameroon are.

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I just want to encourage you as you go through this comprehensive guide. Let it make a difference in your life. Of course, being a student in Cameroon is not easy, but there is a way forward. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide rekindles your money-making skills.

I got my first taste of online jobs when I started All Global Updates. While it is just a hobby compared to my main job as a Medical Doctor, I am amazed at the flexibility and extra cash that comes with making money online.
To help you enjoy similar benefits, I have put together a list of the twelve best and unique online jobs for Cameroon students and job seekers. No degree, CV, or skills are required to get any of these jobs. Most of these jobs are freelance jobs.

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So if you are ready to start working from home or in an office with the aid of a cheap laptop, keep reading. With PB laptops offered as a university grant to students or payable at 25000 FCFA, nothing holds you back from beginning your online career.

10 Online Jobs In Cameroon: Work From Home 202/2022 (Ultimate Guide)

Many articles online will tell you of 35 or 50 online jobs available in Cameroon. However, these are usually unrealistic.

Below are the twelve (10) unique and legit online job opportunities in Cameroon:

  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Freelance Editor
  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Online Surveys
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Teaching English
  • Translation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Channel
Online Jobs in Cameroon
Online Jobs in Cameroon


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